Dogma Vs Lidership

Many current companies suffer from a lack of leadership in their internal organization; they remain stagnant in a functioning corseted in dogmatisms that clash with the modern business culture, where people are not managed, but are led. But … what does it really mean to lead? .

Leading is to know and respect, is to transmit passion for what is done and display enthusiasm and recognition for what is achieved. Leading is to find a balance between the pragmatic and the emotional, because both are a fundamental part of our environment.

A leader must manage emotions because they are a link in interpersonal relationships inside and outside of any team. And these, in turn, are the lubricant that makes your gear work properly. For that reason, the function of those emotions can not be replaced by norms and procedures, or by a kind of professional autism.

Leaders must flee from rigidity in the approaches, they must be flexible, proactive, close and humble. Be aware that people are a fundamental part of the collective project, that their contribution is indispensable in the mission of achieving success and they must feel that way at all times because they are the most important asset of the company.

The organizational culture must promote that the members of a team feel that they are part of it and their reason for existing, they must make individual talent and inspiration emerge without fear and both develop in a positive, optimistic and oriented work environment to improve and grow.

Leadership capacity is vital and an organization that aspires to success must know how to choose leaders who know how to contribute to its development. These leaders will have as main objective to establish guidelines for teamwork that are efficient and with a strong collaborative approach. There is no room for dogmas and unilateral impositions, because when they take over the dynamics of a team, rejecting confidence in individual capacities and commitments, the emotional bonds, self-confidence and motivation begin to deteriorate. With this, little by little the machinery is blocking and the contribution of the team to the company goals starts an accelerated way of falling to crash is a resounding failure.

Correct team leadership can manage its potential and take its highest levels of efficiency and contribution, but also of commitment towards the general objectives of the company.

Miguel Angel Beltran


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