Welcome to the real world of competitiveness in the packaging printing industry.

How to keep safe the confidence of our client?. How can we keep him faithful despite constant attack from our competitors?.

Traditionally, the basis on which is seated the customer loyalty has always been focused on maintaining a proper balance between quality, price and service, but if only one of these  pillars is get weak, that situation will finally drive the customer to be tempted on try other options or directly to accept other offers on the conviction that the trust is broken, so we are not interesting anymore. This is the reality of today’s delicate relationship between customer and supplier.

There is a rule that almost never fails, especially in our Packaging & Printing Industry; compete with a low price in front of the customer is in most of the cases due to the fact that our proposal does not provide enough value to differentiate itself. Moreover, who purchase a service or solution prioritizing the price above the value that they are able to generate, probably will get the opposite of what it´s intended.

It´s time for new approaches…; the decorated stage has become different and some people have not yet realized it. They have not perceived the change and are unprepared. They have not renewed concepts and have not updated their strategies. They have relaxed themselves in the success, so they could be the next to succumb. In fact, the main risk of maintaining a high Market Share for a long time is to believe that we are above the others, being owners of a superior and unbeatable product or service. A slow but certain way to death.

That debacle begin when we lose sight of reality…; “all leadership positions are ephemeral from a market perspective”. Business dynamics in packaging printing industry does not run like a quiet river cruise, but a canoe dropping through turbulent waters in which we must be constantly vigilant if we do not want to dump.

Compete effectively in today’s marketplace requires a big commitment…; optimizing the activity of the organization to focus it more than ever on a satisfactory relationship with the customers. The goal is to anticipate their needs, be effective and efficient, avoid to fail them… But, how can we do that without leaving our comfortable bubble as leaders?.

Customer won’t buy us because we are the best, the biggest, the smarter or who has the most attractive corporate reputation. Customer will buy us if perceives competitive advantages that solves problems and add value. The rest is at the present time something just accessory.

Welcome to the real world!.

Miguel Ángel Beltrán   ·   mabeltran@lycongraphics.com


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